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Meridian Kung Fu - Temple Sutton

Meridian Kung Fu has been building confidence and martial arts excellence in Children and Adults across Essex for over 25 years.

Our proven, professional teaching systems will guide you from a complete beginner to a highly competent, confident martial artist irrespective of age or current physical ability.


Beginner classes for children aged between 3-17 through various programmes that build life skills, develop self-confidence and create amazing young martial artists ready for the world.


Wing Chun beginner Classes for adults of all abilities that introduce traditional martial arts skills, build confidence, improve health & wellbeing and give the ability to effectively defend self and family if needed.


Specialist weapons and advanced training for adults and children who want to push themselves further and become experts in the advanced elements within the Wing Chun system.

ABOUT Meridian Kung Fu Temple Sutton

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes start from 5 years old with no upper age limit. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a traditional Martial Art that suits all levels of fitness and ability and is therefore open to anyone that would like to give martial arts a go. Students that have previous experience of Wing Chun, Kung Fu or other Martial Arts such as Karate, Kick Boxing, Judo or MMA are also welcome, as we can cater of all levels of experience and ability.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered one of the most effective forms of unarmed combat known and practised throughout the world. If you have previously tried another martial art or self defence discipline such as Karate, Kick Boxing or MMA and it has not worked for you give Wing Chun Kung Fu a try. It is unique, it works and it is different to all the others.


WEDNESDAY 4.00pm - 4.45pm 5.00pm - 6.00pm 5.00pm - 6.00pm


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I began my Wing Chun Kung Fu journey in 1999, at our HQ branch in Southend-on-Sea where I have trained under Master Sata Chand. I joined the coaching team in 2001, but due to work commitments and various injuries I was forced to take a break from formal training.


In 2011, I returned to my formal training under Master Chand. The proudest moment of my Wing Chun journey came in February 2020 when I was awarded my Black Sash. I had spent years battling various injuries, but due to the expert tuition of Master Chand & Sifu Steve Carpenter I was able to obtain this converted achievement.


In 2021, following the pandemic I was offered the opportunity to re-join the amazing Meridian Kung Fu Coaching Team. This was a chance I was not going to pass up. I then spent all my free time researching and honing my coaching skills, alongside my regular training. I was extremely honoured when Master Chand & Sifu Steve asked me to open a small branch at Temple Sutton Primary School in Southend.


In August 2022, I was offered the amazing opportunity to take over the existing Meridian Kung Fu – Brentwood branch. I worked tirelessly to open more classes so as to offer lots of opportunities for the local community to learn this incredible martial art. Another proud moment in my Wing Chun journey came in November 2023 when I was award the rank of Full Instructor after completing the Coaching and Provisional Instructor Program.


Each week I am energised by the amazing students who have joined, and I could not be prouder that I have the opportunity to pass on this valuable skill to a new generation of martial artists.


Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu and being part of the Meridian Kung Fu family has undeniably changed my life for the better. Through Master Chand’s teachings, I have developed not only an improvement to my physical health, but also improved other areas such as focus, discipline and resilience. These are some of the core attributes which I try to pass onto my students in everything I do.

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Please contact Andy Dennis on 07557 533143 for information.